The Mysterious Disappearance of Dreadful About…

The Mysterious Disappearance of Dreadful About

Episode One

Mr. Dreadful About was last seen on Wednesday after he’d played several rounds of miniature golf with ‘The Nine Iron’ gang from his high school days… His wife Gad About [friends call her Gaddie] has filed a missing person report. She’s extremely concerned because Dreadful just hasn’t been himself lately. He’s actually, as she told the responding police officer, “having a good go at living up to his name.”

[to be continued…]

[Okay. Abouts are like shots. Look the other way. Hold your breath. And count to ten…]

THE Dreadful About In a Walnut Shell:

The person accountable for these WHAT IFs, WHATNOTs and WHATEVERs loves old cars, old movies and rotary dial phones.

This probably means she’s really, really old.  Dinosaur-fossil old.

She also loves picture books, bubbles and board games.

And although she never wore a Beehive Up-Do,

 she certainly knew people who did.

This might explain some things —

like her fixation with hairdos and wolves.

If you happen to see Dreadful, please advise.

Mrs. About has contacted Private Investigator Category Storm, who gladly relieved her of a rather sizable retainer, but hasn’t returned any of her subsequent phone calls.

It’s a double mystery. You know what to do…


All the images in this so-called diary can be blamed on the author. She’s not an illustrator. That much is obvious. She began dabbling with a tin of watercolors she’d bought on a whim some years back and one thing led to another…

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